Jeff has been teaching my 9 year old son for over 5 years (both in person and virtually) and can adapt his teaching style to meet any situation and age group! My child has trouble with attention and is hyperactive, but Jeff found creative ways to engage him in lessons and peek his interest in music. I highly recommend Jeff Gee for musicians of all ages and skill levels – money well spent! Rebekka Shultz

Jeff was a great guitar teacher from my son. He started with single songs that were fun and made my son feel confident about his playing. Jeff organized beautiful concerts with kids of all ages he taught voice and different instruments. It was such a beautiful evening. Jeff is talented with much, teaching and has a giant ❤️ heart. We miss him dearly

Sally Johnson

Jeff was the best voice teacher our children have ever had. He was thoughtful, knowledgeable, inspirational, patient and fun! Our girls learned quite a bit about singing from him. One daughter was a conventional learner, yet the other daughter had a hard time sitting still in a traditional classroom. Jeff was able to connect with each child and build each child’s confidence and singing skills. Vicki Langrell

Not everyone who makes music can teach music. Jeff Gee can do both. Music is an art born out of passion and expressed in undefinable ways – something which Jeff has mastered. I’ve been teaching school for 38 years with the latter part of those years in the fine arts department. I invited Jeff into my classroom to teach one day. My students are a hard audience, but Jeff broke through those barriers and had them hanging on every word and note! His friendliness and passion combined with infectious enthusiasm and rapport enabled the kids (and I) to bond with him immediately! Jeff Gee is the go-to musician/teacher for anyone looking to join the world of music! –

Tracey Erak-Lundquist

Jeff is an excellent teacher because he knows music and has passion. Jeff makes learning fun and he is so easy to talk with. I highly recommend him. Audrey Patrice

I started studying acoustic guitar as a brand new student with Jeff about 5 years ago, taking lessons from him for about 18 months on a weekly basis. His knowledge of the fretboard and of music theory and how to practice is such that he can teach and explain concepts in a way that is digestible for the novice. Of course, any expectation of fulfilling your goals of becoming a proficient and even confident guitarist comes with a fair amount of sweat equity. Jeff makes that clear, but he is there with you every step of the way to inspire and teach you. Fast forward to now and I am a proficient guitarist that plays occasional (post- COVID lockdown) gigs and will even be playing for a wedding accompanying vocalists this Fall. 


Greyson really enjoyed his piano lessons with Jeff Gee. He made the lessons fun, and we could see at recitals how much he really supports each student’s success. Jeff even allowed Greyson to decide shortly before a recital to toss in an acapella performance of “Blackbird.”

Mary Gjelsten