About Gee-Force music

Jeff Gee in his office

About Gee Force Music… My name is Jeff Gee and I help Students with the self-belief and confidence they need in becoming musicians. I also help anyone who experiences a lack of time and/or lack of motivation in reaching for their musical dreams. I help busy parents by making enrollment painless and making practice sessions easy for everyone who has access to the internet.

The key thing I do differently is I offer 1 to 1 personalized lessons and Im willing to create completely custom learning materials for each student. I value each students own creativity and I realize that all people are different and people are interested in music because that is what is in their heart.

I want people to remember my teaching because of a sincere feeling that my methods have been the answer in their quest to learn music in a new, more efficient and effective way… actually reaching their goals….not giving up as is prevelant among most people.